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Who are we

We are Human Rights & Equalities Charnwood (HR&EC).  Until 9 September 2008 we were Charnwood Racial Equality Council.  Our new name is designed to reflect the widening brief we now have to work on all equalities (Race, Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Disability and Religion & Belief) in partnership with others. We were first established as the Charnwood Community Relations Council in the Borough of Charnwood in May 1969 (then known as "The Garden")

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Advice & information

  • We offer a limited service on advice and information.
  • We offer advice and information on immigration, nationality and passports.
  • We can signpost or refer you to appropriate agencies if we are unable to help you directly.

We work with and in partnership with authorities to improve their policies and practices in order to:

  • Have fairer, equitable and appropriate services
  • Improve their recruitment/appraisal/promotion of their staff (workforce development)
  • Improve contracting out and outside tendering processes
  • We lobby and campaign to change policies and practices, which discriminate or deny equal opportunities.

Multi Faith involvement
We work very closely with the Loughborough Council of Faiths and local faith groups and individuals to organise events to promote understanding between the different faith communities (Feast of Faiths, One World Week, Pilgrimage of Prayer etc) and interfaith dialogues.

Loughborough Mela
We have been a key partner in organising the Loughborough Mela over the years. This is a partnership event and we work very closely with Charnwood Borough Council, who is the main funder for the event and local voluntary, statutory organisations and individuals. Please see our photo album link for pictures of previous Melas

Youth Conferences/Training Programmes
HR&EC has been directly involved in organising youth conferences, training programmes and exchanges, and engaging youths to participate in similar events all over Europe and the UK. Most conferences involve at least 14 to 15 countries with participants of around 28 to 30 youths and team leaders. We involve local youths from Charnwood, local agencies and partners in these conferences including staff and volunteers from Charnwood Borough Council, Charnwood Arts, John Storer Charnwood, Loughborough Council of Faiths, community centres and religious centres. We have built extensive contacts with students from local schools, the colleges and the University and other individuals.  For further information on these conferences please click here.

Charnwood Refugees and Asylum Seekers Forum
HR&EC are a key partner on the Charnwood Refugees and Asylum Seekers Forum, which is a multi-agency forum that meets when necessary to look at and share information on issues concerning refugees and asylum seekers.
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